What is the Myanmar electronic visa (eVisa)?

Implemented by the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in 2014, the Myanmar electronic visa, or eVisa Approval Letter, is a mandatory travel requirement for foreign nationals from qualifying countries who wish to visit the Republic of Myanmar for tourism or business purposes. Citizens of eligible countries and territories may apply online for a Myanmar eVisa. The Myanmar eVisa is a single-entry visa valid for ninety (90) days from date of issue.

For Tourist visas, the maximum stay permitted is twenty-eight (28) days.

For Business visas, the maximum stay permitted is seventy (70) days.

What type of Visas can be obtained through online application?

The online application process allows foreign nationals of eligible countries to apply for a Tourist or Business visa. Both eVisas are valid for 90 days.

If you are travelling to Myanmar to work with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), you should not apply for a Business Visa.

I want to apply online for a Myanmar eVisa. What do I need?

To apply for an online Myanmar eVisa, applicants need the following:

Please note that on occasion Myanmar authorities may require travelers to provide additional documentation.

Who can apply online for a Myanmar eVisa?

Travelers coming from the countries listed below can apply online for a Myanmar eVisa. Among the countries eligible for online application are Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

* Citizens from countries marked with an asterix (*) are also able to apply for a business visa for Myanmar.

Do children need an eVisa for Myanmar?

Yes, children over 7-years-old or those who already have an individual passport are obliged to present an independent eVisa.

Children under 7 years old who are included in a parent/guardian’s passport do not need a separate eVisa in order to travel to Myanmar as long as their information is present and correct on the adult eVisa.

Which are the designated ports of entry?

Visitors to Myanmar can validate their eVisas upon entering the country through any of the following ports:


  • Nay Pyi Taw International Airport
  • Yangon International Airport
  • Mandalay International Airport

Land border checkpoints:

  • Tachilek
  • Myawaddy
  • Htee Kee
  • Kawthoung

Upon departure the traveler may leave through any ports, it does not have to be one of the designated ports of entry nor does it have to be the same as upon arrival.

Which countries have special eVisa application conditions?

Citizens of the following countries need an eVisa to travel to and within Myanmar for stays over 14 days: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Please note that citizens of these countries if travelling for less than 14 days are exempt from carrying an eVisa. Applicants from Singapore are exempt from applying for visas for stays of thirty (30) days maximum.

What if my country doesn’t appear on the list of eligible countries?

Please note that if your country does not appear on the lists above, it means that at this time you may not apply for an eVisa. You will have to submit an application for a traditional visa at the nearest Myanmar embassy or consulate. However, Myanmar are in the process of adding more countries to the eligibility list.

How long will it take for my Myanmar eVisa to be processed?

3 business days. Once the application is complete and any supplementary documentation has been provided the applicant will receive an e-mail with their authorized eVisa Approval Letter for Myanmar.

How long is an eVisa for Myanmar valid?

Once issued, the Myanmar eVisa is valid for 90 days.

The tourist eVisa allows for stays of up to twenty-eight (28) consecutive days, whilst the business eVisa allows for stays of up to seventy (70) consecutive days.

What should I do after I receive my Myanmar eVisa?

Print at least one copy of the approved Myanmar eVisa. Travelers will be expected to show their printed eVisa approval letter to the border official upon arrival in Myanmar in order to receive a stamp. Remember that visitors are obligated to carry proof of the approved Myanmar eVisa at all times.

What else do I need to travel to Myanmar?

All eVisa holders must also be able to provide the following information when travelling to Myanmar:

How many entries am I permitted with a Myanmar eVisa?

The Myanmar eVisa is a single-entry visa which allows the bearer to enter Myanmar just one time. Once the visa has been validated upon entry, if the traveler wishes to leave and re-enter the country, a new eVisa will be necessary.

Is it possible to extend an eVisa?

The Tourist eVisa cannot be extended. However the Business eVisa can be extended once you are in Myanmar.

I’ve already visited the Republic of Myanmar using a single-entry visa. Do I need to apply for another eVisa for Myanmar?

Yes, it is necessary to apply for another eVisa if the eVisa has already been used to enter Myanmar or if it has expired and the traveler wishes to visit the country again.

Are there any restrictions with my Myanmar eVisa?

The popular tourist routes and major cities are accessible with the Myanmar eVisa. However, the eVisa does not allow its holder to travel to restricted townships in remote areas such as Khaunglanphoo Township or Meisi Township.

What happens to my eVisa if my trip to Myanmar is postponed?

When applying the applicant is required to indicate his or her approximate arrival date.

If you have already received the Myanmar eVisa Approval Letter via e-mail, please check carefully that your travel dates are within the 90-day validity.

If you have yet to receive the confirmation email with your eVisa Approval Letter, please contact us directly in order to make amendments to your application where possible.

What do I do if I have two (2) passports?

If the applicant has dual-nationality, he/she must choose the passport they will use to travel and introduce the information from this passport. There cannot be any inconsistencies between the travel document and the information provided on the visa.

What do I do if my Myanmar eVisa is denied?

In the rare case that the Myanmar eVisa is denied, you can contact us in order to process a full refund.

How do I check on the status of my application?

The applicant can check the status of his or her application here.

How can I make the application payment?

The application fee can be paid via credit/debit card through our secure online payment system.

All major payment methods are accepted. If you have any problems, please contact us at .

Ensure that the credit card details have been entered correctly, that the card used has not past the expiry date, that all extra security questions or passwords are typed correctly and that the card used is valid for online payments in order to avoid any problems during the payment stage.

I’ve applied for my eVisa through the website and I haven’t received an email confirmation, what do I do?

As it is a quick process, normally an e-mail is sent directly after receiving payment to the applicant’s email address therefore before contacting us, we ask you to check carefully any Spam/Junk mail inboxes as it may have been redirected. If the e-mail is not in either the junk or spam inbox, please contact us at .

What should I do if I’ve made a mistake on my Myanmar eVisa online application form?

It is very important to review the application before submitting it, as any small errors in the information supplied can result in the application being rejected. Please remember to confirm the details provided and compare it with the travel document. Once the eVisa application form is submitted, in the case you have accidentally entered inaccurate information, please contact us immediately at .

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